JJ-LIPO 6200mah

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Voltage 1S=3.7V

Battery Pack Dimensions:

The battery pack dimensions are presented in Length (L), Width (W), and Thickness (THK) in millimeters (mm):

1. 158mm (L) x 48mm (W) x 21mm (THK)
2. 158mm (L) x 48mm (W) x 31mm (THK)
3. 158mm (L) x 48mm (W) x 41mm (THK)
4. 158mm (L) x 48mm (W) x 61mm (THK)

These specifications provide a range of sizes to accommodate various applications and spatial requirements, offering flexibility and compatibility for different uses.

Battery Pack Weight:

The weight of each battery pack is indicated in grams (g):

1. 298g
2. 435g
3. 576g
4. 850g

These weights correspond to the different sizes of the battery pack, offering options that balance portability and capacity according to your needs.

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