About US


JJ-Lipo Batteries have been supplying batteries for remote control toys of all types, we are an offical authorised dealer. We have grown over the years and established stocks  across the globe including, United States.  we work directly with JJ-Lipo batteries  manufacturers and our customers to bring quality and reliable products on our platform. We always take great pride in ensuring our customers needs and inquiries are meant with the up most professionalism.

JJ- Lipo Batteries  mission.

Our mission is to ensure we bring fun and enjoyment to our community with vast range of prices without over pricing. We provide different range of discharge from high discharge range and high power out put. With us you’re grantee power and speed while playing with either family members, friends or training sole to improve your game.


Respect, passion and  patience. We value our customers feedback and opinions, we pride ourselves in respecting our community as well as delivering quality service on our platform. JJ-Lipo batteries  understand the passion of our customers and therefore thrive to deliver the best quality for our customers to ensure our community continue to enjoy day to day RC  activities. Patience is key our service deliverance, we will take time to listen and your needs to best meet your demands.

JJ- Lipo batteries RC Batteries has received a large number of positive feedbacks from RC Lovers resulting in us growing very fast. All this comes down to the fact that we have great customer support and the fact that we are able to help anyone with their needs.

This online platform  has been designed to provide you with a very safe and secure environment when exploring  for RC batteries and parts. We have a wide range of encrypted payment options including Traditional Card payment, Google pay, Apple pay, shop pay, PayPal and many more.